What customers say about the Motley Clue Experience…

Motley Clue Adventures takes pride in creating a Corporate Team Building Experience that is unique, imaginative and fun! It is our attention to detail, original content and ‘outside the box’ thinking that makes each Scavenger Hunt Adventure an experience like no other!

No other team building company that serves the Raleigh area provides an event that is both engaging and beneficial.

But how do you know if a Motley Clue team activity is right for you?  Don’t take our word for it….check out our customer testimonials to see what everyone is saying about our team building events!

“The team could not stop talking about your event, and I received two standing ovations for selecting this activity!

All during dinner that night, and again throughout the next day, teams were discussing how they solved each clue and commenting how much fun they had throughout the entire afternoon!

We just can’t say enough about the experience, both from the set up, the challenging multi level clues, that weaved us through the museum and the final challenge that reminded us that we all are part of a larger team. Bravo!”

– Rick V.  – Cisco Advanced Services

What a wonderful experience! The event was so well planned out and just detailed and hard enough to keep everyone engaged. 

The tension and excitement built as we went through the clues and teamwork shined through. 

Our Motley Clue host, Dennis, was attentive to all of the teams and really brought the entire experience together for us. We would do this over and over and over! Thanks Motley Clue!”

– Maritza C.  – Syngenta

“Everything was very well thought out and put together. You all gave it a very personal touch and made it super fun. It was an experience I never had before so I was skeptical but I had an absolute blast! I am trying to convince all my friends to use Motley Clue. “

“This was the best team outing I have ever experienced. It was super fun and challenging! I would definitely do it again!”

– Red Hat

“This was the best team building activity we have ever done! The scavenger hunt was challenging, rewarding, and totally fun!!!

Dennis is creative and really funny, and left no detail out. Thank you Dennis for a wonderful time. We’ve been telling everyone how great it is!!”

– Novartis

“Great icebreaker to assign teams. Very fun activity. Very balanced level of difficulty. Overall, an amazing experience!”

“Nothing could be better; this was a great experience! “

“The scavenger hunt was so much fun and by far the highlight of our 3 day meeting (in my opinion)!  Everyone on our team who participated has given rave reviews. We loved it! Thanks for making it a fun day. 

– UCB Pharma

“Getting to know co-workers in a way that typical staff development exercises could never quite capture;  providing a fun, educational and social activity that engaged the brain and the body; Something for everyone – appealed to all learning styles and personalities; exposing our folks to a wonderful local treasure like the NC Art Museum that we might not have otherwise made the time to enjoy;  And tapping our team’s spirit of cooperation, competition and enthusiasm. 

Great, inspiring, team building adventure with lots of interaction and tough/fun activities so everyone could show their skill sets!”

– Relias Learning